Brisbane Garden and Plant Expo

Had a great day on Saturday out at Doomben for the Brisbane Garden and Plant Expo.

First I picked up a few treasures for my Bardon garden:

  1. FINGER LIME Citrus australasica var sanguinea ‘Rainforest Pearl’.   The Australian finger lime is native to the rainforests of the border ranges of Northern NSW and SE Queensland.  In its natural habitat it can grow up to 6m in height, with a finger shaped fruit 6- 12cm in length.  The pulp of the fruit comprises separate juice vesicles that resemble caviar.
  2. LEMONADE TREE Citrus limon x reticulata.  Tastes like lemonade, but without the bubbles.  This hybrid citrus originated in Australia and is a cross between a mandarin and a lemon – looks like a lemon, has a lemony tang, but sweet enough to eat straight off the tree!
  3. DWARF BLACK MULBERRY Morus nigra – Need I say more?

After this I was treated to some informative, inspiring and entertaining talks – firstly Phil Dudman,  the Horticultural Editor of ABC ‘s Gardening Australia Magazine,  sharing how to “prune your fruit trees like a pro”.  Phil really drove home the importance of pruning your fruit trees at least annually so as to maximize productivity and longevity.

Then around the corner to the none other than Costa Georgiadis –  “Connecting the garden with the household: ways to integrate your family with your growing”.  Costa is passionate the depth of meaning that gardens can bring to relationships and the tangible benifits that garening brings to the wider community.

He’s also a really top bloke: wildly hilarious with high energy and strong values.

It was great to have a chat with Costa and spend a bit of time with the legend himself.

Costa and Leander

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